Wednesday, October 28, 2020


November 1 is All Saints Day.  It is one of the major feast days in our church calendar.  On All Saints’ Day, the Church honors all the saints’, known and unknown.  While there is information about many famous saints, there are countless men and women who have lived lives of faith, but never been honored or remembered. On this holiday, we celebrate all these holy men and women.  Join us for virtual worship at 9am.  The Zoom link can be found in the right column of this page.  We will read aloud the names of loved ones who have died in the past year.  Send a message to the email in the Contact Information if you would like us to remember someone. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2020


 This is the 21st Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 25).  Last Sunday morning, worship was inside the church due to the cold temperature. The plan is to stay outside as long as possible throughout the Fall, as long as it is not too cold.  The service will be available live on Zoom each week.  If you want the details or in person worship or the Zoom connection, send an email to the address in the Contact Information tab above.  All are welcome at our services!
The Strong Arms Support Group continues to meet virtually twice a month. If you have a family member who is struggling with addiction, or if you have lost a family member to an overdose, join this support group.  It is led by two licensed therapists and they offer support and hope.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020


This is the 20th Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 24).  It looks like it will be sunny (but chilly) again this week, so another outdoor worship service is possible. There have been 15 consecutive Sundays with excellent weather.  The worship services on the lawn have included music, Scripture readings, a sermon and Eucharist.  They have been accompanied by birds, squirrels and now falling leaves in our midst. All are welcome for these services.  Send a message to the email address in the Contact Information tab and ask for details.  Or ask for the Zoom link so you can watch it virtually.
This is the week that our congregation gathers food items for the WARM Center.  The following items are needed: prepackaged cookies and treats, juice boxes, water bottles. Bring them to church on Sunday, or contact us if you have something to donate.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020


 This is the 19th Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 23).  It looks like the weather will be cooperative and we can have another outdoor worship service this week- the 15th sunny Sunday in a row!!  Last Sunday we blessed some animals as part of our morning liturgy.  Some photos are posted on the Facebook page (see the lower right column of this page).  Everyone is welcome to join us live, outside on Sunday mornings, or you can follow along on Zoom.  For all the details, contact the priest (see Contact Information tab above)

Wednesday, September 30, 2020


This is the 18th Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 22).  October 4 is also the feast day of St. Francis.  He is the patron saint of animals and the environment.  To celebrate this day, we will include the Blessing of the Animals as part of our Sunday morning outdoor worship service.  Everyone is welcome to come with their pet- but masks and social distancing are required.  Send a message to the email address in the contact information tab for all of the details. 
Be sure to pick up your October "Grab and Go" bag filled with Christian education resources.  The theme for this month is Looking for Saints in the World. 

Wednesday, September 23, 2020


This is the 17th Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 21).  The outside services have been a great success and it looks like this Sunday the weather will be perfect again.  Everyone is welcome to come and join us- send a message to the contact information at the top of this page for all of the details.  There is a photo on the church Facebook page from our joyful worship service (see lower right of this page).  This week we delivered a carload of drinks and foods to the WARM Center.  Thanks to all who donated, including the parishioners from St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church in Hope Valley.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020


This week is the 16th Sunday after Pentecost (Proper 20).  It is the Sunday in the month that we collect food for guests at the WARM Center in Westerly.  The items that are needed include- small water bottles, juice boxes or individual packages of cookies, crackers, etc. If you have items to donate, you can bring them to worship on Sunday, or send us a message.  

We have now had 11 consecutive Sundays with sunny mornings for our outdoor worship service.  Little jackets are needed now, but it is still a safe beautiful way to pray, listen to music and receive Eucharist.  All are welcome!  If you would like to join us, send a message to the email address listed under the Contact Information tab.