Thursday, April 26, 2018


This is the 5th Sunday of Easter.  Church school will meet. During coffee hour this week, there will be an informal discussion about "Making your final arrangements."  Forms will be available for those who want to plan their own funerals.
This is the last Sunday for the April challenge.  At the end of the worship service, there will be a ticket drawing for all those who did acts of evangelism during the month of April.  So many people spread the good news about Jesus and St. Thomas- there are lots of tickets in the bucket!
Parishioners from St. Thomas are taking part in the WARM Center Penguin Plunge on May 5  and the Greater Westerly Relay for Life on June 28.  Contributions are welcome!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


This is the 4th Sunday of Easter.   It is also known as Good Shepherd Sunday as the Scripture readings appointed for the day are reminders that God loves and cares for all people as a shepherd cares for a whole flock.
Church school will meet and there will be coffee hour.  After church, there will be a discussion about the Book of Acts as part of the Good Book Club (see left column).  Join the conversation even if you have not read the Book of Acts.
Last week Gallup published the results of a recent poll about why Americans go to church.  Why do you go?  Read the results here.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2018


This is the 3rd Sunday of Easter.  Church School will meet and the monthly WARM meal will be prepared.  This Sunday, as part of the 9 am service, there will be a dedication of the new Paschal Candle and the newly rebrassed pulpit.  Coffee hour will follow the service and will include special Resurrection Biscuits prepared by the Church School class.
The collection for the daycare center in Puerto Rico is underway.  We are joining Episcopal churches across our deanery for this project (see the post on the lower left for more information)

Wednesday, April 4, 2018


This is the 2nd Sunday of Easter- The beauty of Easter flowers and music continue to fill the sanctuary!  Church school will meet and there will be a vestry meeting after the service.
There will be a parish luncheon on Monday, Apr. 9 at the Richmond Country Club at 12 noon.  All are welcome (each person pays for her/his own lunch).  
Our congregation is working to help the people of Puerto Rico in two ways.  We have extended an offer of help to St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Carolina, PR.  It is a small mission congregation that was damaged in the hurricane last September.  In addition, our Deanery is working to re-stock a daycare center that was nearly destroyed by the hurricane.  See the notes in the left column under "Food of the Month."
During the month of April, our congregation will take on 2 challenges.  One will be to learn the Pascha Nostrum.  This is an ancient hymn that we say every Sunday during Easter season.  It means "Christ our Passover" and the words come from Scripture (Romans and 1 Corinithians).  It is found on page 83 in the Book of Common Prayer.
The other challenge is to be better social media evangelists!  Parishioners are encouraged to post things on their social media pages that proclaim the Good News of Jesus.